#Spotlight on Anahit, the Path’s Gatekeeper

#Spotlight on Anahit, the Path’s Gatekeeper

The phrase “TUMO Path” has a special meaning for any TUMO student. It’s on the TUMO Path that they create their individual educational journey and get all the updates on what new workshops and learning labs are coming up soon. TUMO Path is, for all intents and purposes, a living organism. It’s evolved significantly over the years and is in a constant state of transformation in order to assure it’s fulfilling its purpose in the most effective way possible. Recently, the team that’s responsible for making TUMO Path what it is added a new member. 23-year-old Anahit Talasyan is a UI/UX designer and a TUMO alum which means that not only does she have unique insight into what will work best for the TUMOian experience, but she also knows just what to do to make it a reality. 

Anahit was an active student from the very start. “I started coming to TUMO right when I was starting my first graphic design class at the National University of Architecture. I was very lucky in that sense because I was able to apply all the theoretical things I was learning in school in a practical way at TUMO.” Aside from participating in all the workshops, labs and other programs that were available to her, Anahit was also a part of the TUMO News team, first as a photo editor, then as a designer. “We’d think up interesting projects at TUMO News and then produce them. For example, we’d draw up the coaches as cartoons and then announce a competition on our Facebook page for students to guess which cartoon was which coach. It was really fun.”

The student phase of her life quickly segued to the startup phase. “During one TUMO lab, two guys from my group invited me to join their startup and with that I started a new path. I started working on different startups and games and strengthened my UI/UX design skills.”

After this phase, Anahit returned to TUMO, but this time as an employee. She’s part of TUMO’s software development team where she sees an interesting and important task ahead of her. “This may be the first time that I’ve ever felt like I have a mission. TUMO gave me everything I needed to develop myself and now I’m trying to give that all back to TUMO. Every step I take, in the back of my mind, I’m always thinking of how to improve the TUMO student’s experience.” Around here, the question of what, when and why the TUMO Path is going to change comes up often. We can’t unveil all the secrets just yet, but Anahit gives her word that TUMO Path is going to be even more interactive, fun and convenient than it is now.

Every time Anahit starts a new project, she tries to completely put aside all her past experience and to really approach the project in a new way – she commits to killing her darlings. Oddly enough, people are still able to recognize her unique touch. Though how has even Anahit stumped.