#Spotlight: Gyumri’s Lilit Galstyan and Vahe Hovhannisyan

#Spotlight: Gyumri’s Lilit Galstyan and Vahe Hovhannisyan

Thanks to TUMOians Lilit Galstyan, Vahe Hovhannisyan, and the photos they take, we’re always up-to-date with the goings on of our TUMO Gyumri center. The two have been at TUMO Gyumri since its opening day, and both started their TUMO journey with photography workshops.

“From the very first moment I started at TUMO, I chose to pursue photography. At first, I had no idea about the rules, but more and more, I understand the art form on a deeper level and feel comfortable with it, to the point where I am considering a career in photography. Thanks to photography, I started to get to know people better. In order to photograph someone, you need to understand the kind of person they are and how they think. You need to get to know them and gain their trust,” says Lilit.

For Vahe, it wasn’t photography that brought him to TUMO. “I liked TUMO’s tech offerings, but then I discovered TUMO’s learning Path, which lets me choose what I want to learn. Freedom is important in education, in my opinion. TUMO became the main place for me to feed my desire to learn and develop new skills.”

Vahe and Lilit now work together for the TUMO communication team at TUMO Gyumri. “I am glad I get to use the skills I’ve learned in an environment I love. When I photograph a workshop, it seems like I am also, to some extent, participating in it and learning from it too,” says Lilit.

According to Vahe, he felt some competitiveness in the beginning of his cooperation with Lilit, but they now form a solid team with strengths that compliment each other. “Lilit loves architecture and people. You can see those two passions in her photographs.” As for Lilit, she says that the two generally get along fine. They’ve reached a point where their work compliments each other to the point where they don’t even have to delegate tasks—they each instinctively know what to do.