Anahit’s Digital Challenges

Anahit’s Digital Challenges

21-year-old Anahit Matevosyan studies at TUMO Gyumri. “I was almost 18 when TUMO opened and one of my friends asked me to go with her. I was already studying at the university but I’m not in the habit of refusing a challenge. Of course, I wish that TUMO had opened earlier, but I was glad to be able to take advantage of the opportunity,” says Anahit.

Aan artist and a graphic designer, Anahit has grown accustomed to self-learning and practicing nearly everything in a digital format. “I started taking drawing and animation workshops, but since I was used to traditional drawing and was unfamiliar with the digital medium, I realized that these two formats were two completely different worlds. So it was hard for me to continue… for a while,” she says.

Anahit began rotating through different learning areas, from music and film to motion graphics, eventually deciding to specialize in photography. And all the while Anahit continued to persevere. “The digital drawing and animation learning areas were still a challenge. But I overcame that challenge and started working again, eventually looking at these areas with a fresh eye. In the end, I liked it so much that now I only draw cartoon characters! I’ve finally found my style,” Anahit says excitedly.

Anahit eventually became so engrossed in the digital world that she even decided to choose branding as her university thesis. “I did the branding for Anahit Carpet Factory. I know what you’re thinking – Anahit, what an unusual name! The university was surprised at my proposal, as branding isn’t taught there, but they were very pleased that one of their students had learned that skill. And the idea of branding a carpet factory was no coincidence either – that’s my dream. I’ve been researching carpet making for years, sketching carpets and even pretending that I had my own factory. So I hope that soon I’ll be able to fulfill that dream. Maybe I’ll even become a one-woman factory,” she laughs.

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