#Spotlight on Dilijan’s Syuzanna

#Spotlight on Dilijan’s Syuzanna

17 year old Dilijan native Syuzanna spent the day before her last day of classes at a TUMO learning lab. And even though this new graduate of Dilijan #5 school (congratulations by the way!) has only been a learning coach for three months, her experience with TUMO goes way back… 

Since the opening of the center in 2013, Syuzanna has been learning there and, according to her, has turned into the person she is now during her time at TUMO. “Starting from age 13, both my skills entire way of thinking have been heavily influenced by my time at TUMO.” Over the course of photography, creative writing, graphic design, new media, filmmaking and many, many other workshops, Syuzanna decided that she is going to be a film director. (And of the fantasy genre, at that.)

Syuzanna has gained another skill that will help her in all aspects of her life, including her current job. “I can organize and communicate my thoughts so much better than before. I’m more outspoken and free and that has simplified my life.”

It’s easy for Syuzy to discuss both the pleasant and challenging aspects of being a learning coach. “To be honest, for me, it’s not hard being a coach. I mean, I was a student before and I know very well what motivates them or sets them back. My own experience has led me to one golden rule – you have to be honest with students. The more sincere you are with them, the more they’ll trust and respect you. And for me, that trust is very important. After all, I want to transfer what I gained at TUMO to them and send them on the right path.”

Syuzanna sees herself as a responsible adult with a good head on her shoulders (for the most part). So obviously, Syuzanna doesn’t believe in ghosts. Except for the fact that, for whatever reason, whenever Syuzanna finds herself alone, she starts imagining a slew of evil spirits visiting her and has a minor anxiety attack. But, Syuzanna gives her word to conquer this (non)fear soon enough.