TUMO Stepanakert Movie Lover Eduard Ohanyan

TUMO Stepanakert Movie Lover Eduard Ohanyan

16-year-old TUMO Stepanakert student, Eduard Ohanyan, loves movies and has the air of an independent film star. Eduard first came to TUMO at the behest of his sister. “In the beginning, I had no idea what I was going to learn here. And all I wanted to do was shoot films,” he explained.

Eduard has been interested in movies since he was a child. When he was seven, he received his first camera as a gift and would shoot everything in his sight nonstop.  “In addition to all of the practical skills that I’ve gained at TUMO, I’ve learned about the history of cinema and I’ve developed an interest in fields related to film,” said Eduard, who began studying photography and motion graphics at TUMO.

The TUMO new media workshop helped Eduard overcome his fear of approaching strangers and engaging them in conversation.  “I don’t know when it happened, but all of a sudden, I was interviewing people for my documentary films comfortably and without hesitation,” he said.

Eduard is also a big fan of film festivals. He never misses the chance to combine work and pleasure, as he’s already participated in a number of festivals of Armenian, Russian, and Georgian films. “One day, I’d like to have dinner with Atom Egoyan and talk about cinema. His advice, of course, would be extremely helpful to me.”

According to Eduard, his best ideas come to him while sleeping. That’s why he keeps a recorder under the pillow.