Diana Balughyan on the Move from Being a Student to Being a Coach

Diana Balughyan on the Move from Being a Student to Being a Coach
She was among the very first students at TUMO Stepanakert. Five of them came together to see it all with their own eyes and only then did they bring their parents to register.
“Everyone in town was talking about TUMO Stepanakert’s opening, so we got interested and rushed to sign up. However, to be honest, we had no idea what exactly it was we were going to do at TUMO,” Diana remembers.
Diana very quickly discovered that she had made it to just the right spot. At TUMO, she found ways to develop what she liked to do and she found the people for it.
“I was not too keen on the prospects of becoming an accountant. I was more into films, photography, and music. Here I found the answers to all of my burning questions,” she says.
The atmosphere at TUMO has attracted Diana so much that she has decided not to go anywhere and instead to share her experience with the other students, now as a coach.
Do go from being a regular TUMOian to a coach was both difficult and easy. Diana explains that the shift from friendly classmate to coach is not smooth. At the same time, it is exactly due to that friendly environment that she has no problems in interacting with the students and in getting to know them.
FUN FACT: Diana has been dancing for 14 years and has even managed to work as a dance instructor.