#TUMO10. Mariam: A TUMOian from 2011 to 2021

#TUMO10. Mariam: A TUMOian from 2011 to 2021

We’ve all been there – designing and developing a product and sending it out for production without knowing if it will work. What if something or someone could help us identify and solve problems before going into production. “Actually, I’m working with companies that use our software to its full potential, solving any problems that could pop up.” Whoa! Thanks, Mariam.

That’s Mariam Abrahamyan. She’s one of our first TUMO students from way back in 2011; she’s still active, too, plus working at Siemens Industry Software. And they happen to be a leading international digital solution provider.

Wait… what software are you talking about, Mariam?

“We’re building software that makes it possible to test a designed product virtually before sending it to production. It’s to understand if the final product will match the original concept or if any problems need to be solved or changes need to be made.

That’s pretty cool. Now you’re thinking, Mariam probably focused on just the programming path at TUMO. Not exactly.

Let’s go back to TUMO’s opening – well, a few months after. Mariam, joining at her sister’s advice, was on the waiting list and had to wait just a bit.

“Before joining TUMO, I was already into programming and had decided to continue with an education in mathematics. But then, at TUMO, I discovered web and game development. Those got my attention. And I widened my knowledge, gravitating towards graphic design and drawing too.”

As she progressed on her TUMO journey, Mariam unlocked new opportunities for herself, becoming a volunteer for TUMO’s Camp and workshops.

Mariam’s work from “Islamic Geometric Patterns”, “My Favorite Movie Poster” and “Postage Required” learning labs.

“The pandemic had its plus side. Working from home gave me the time to pursue new interests and educate myself. And since I still get email notifications on TUMO’s event, special workshops, and learning labs, I decided to do a few. I discovered blogging and designed stamps and patterns.” That’s undoubtedly an excellent way to spend your time, Mariam.

But before we wrap up, a nugget of cool news for the bookworms out there.

Mariam and some friends are planning to launch a site where you can sign up to receive a book a month, based on your likes. That’s all we can say about this project for now, but we’ll be back with details soon.