Yuri Mkrtumyan: Lover of Soccer and IT

Yuri Mkrtumyan: Lover of Soccer and IT

When 17-year-old information technology and soccer fan Yuri Mkrtumyan’s friend Robert signed up for TUMO, he knew he had to follow suit. A year after Yuri became a TUMOian, the chain reaction continued with his brother.

“I’m learning physics in school, which is why I’m most interested in TUMO’s technology track like web and game development, programming and 3D modeling, “ said Yuri, who also wants to take all of the center’s creative workshops before heading to college.

“When I’m at TUMO coding or drawing a 3D model, I see my friends running around with cameras and I think about learning photography too. I’m sure the skill will come in handy one day,” said Yuri, sounding convinced.

After every workshop, Yuri gets so interested in a new focus area, that he considers changing his choice of a future profession — again!

Because he’s taken workshops on a wide range of topics, he finds himself “on the same wavelength” with different kinds of friends. According to Yuri, every TUMO skill is like a new language and “the more languages you know, the more of a person you are,” he said, repeating a popular aphorism from school.

Recently, Yuri has been so taken with game development that this summer, he wants to get a team of his friends together to develop a game that’s good enough to submit to a competition.


Yuri is a huge soccer fan! His dream is to watch a Barcelona match in person in Barcelona, Spain.