Valeria and her TUMO Marathon

Valeria and her TUMO Marathon

“When I was waiting to start at TUMO, I was so impatient! I memorized the names of every coach and imagined them as characters in my mind,” said Valeria.

First, Valeria chose learning targets within her comfort zone. Now, her goal is to try all of the workshops by her 18th birthday.

“Firstly, trying all of the learning targets at TUMO is a good way to choose my future profession. Secondly, I want to learn as many skills as possible,” she said.

For a long time, Valeria hosted a TV program in Stepanakert, which made her feel confident in her communication and presentation skills. At TUMO, however, she discovered that there was still so much room to grow.

“I’ve learned to express myself clearly and competently here. TUMO has given me self-confidence, inspired me to reach for more, and has even widened my circle of friends. I’ve met people from all over the world,” explained Valeriya.

Valeria is also a known TUMO promoter around Stepanakert. She is a regular passenger on city buses — her face smiling down on straphangers as part of a TUMO poster campaign on public transportation.

Valeria boasts about her ability to eat as much as she wants without gaining weight.