#TUMOSpotlight on Stepanakert’s Friends in Tech

#TUMOSpotlight on Stepanakert’s Friends in Tech

Ever since they were three years old, the only thing separating Sarmen Gasparyan and Yuri Beglaryan has been the different careers they want to pursue when they grow up. In spite of that, they still share many of the same interests. The two 16-year-olds from the Khnapat village of Askeran wasted no time attending TUMO; they enrolled at our Stepanakert center on the very first day it opened—even before our famous TUMObus had started making the rounds to the boys’ village.

“I had heard about TUMO and was waiting impatiently for when we would have our own TUMO near us. When I heard the news about the center opening in Stepanakert, I came to register with Sarmen right away,” says Yuri.

Wherever Yuri goes, you can bet that Sarmen is also with him, and vice versa. Even at TUMO, the two friends are inseparable. They don’t even argue about which workshops and labs to take; they end up making the same choices, as some best friends do.

“Before I came to TUMO, I had heard about 3D modeling. I Googled it and learned that it’s related to micro-architecture, and I like architecture a lot. This is what originally brought me to TUMO,” says Sarmen.

Over the past two years, Sarmen, the aspiring architect, and Yuri, the aspiring manager, have partnered on a variety of different ventures, including developing a website, learning to code, and even creating a game and a robot. With these two ambitious and multi-talented teens, the sky’s the limit. They’ve decided not to pigeonhole themselves into any one field. At the moment, the two share a burgeoning interest in design. Yes, you can expect to find them together at any one of our design focused workshops and labs.


Sarmen and Yuri’s parallel interests don’t seem to end just there. They’re both karate lovers with blue belts they’re planning on turning black once they’re done with their graduating exams at school this year.