#Spotlight on Gevorg and Samvel: Students to Coaches

#Spotlight on Gevorg and Samvel: Students to Coaches

When registration for TUMO Gyumri opened in July 2015, Gevorg Kishmishyan and Samvel Nazaryan were among the first 1,000 students to register. During these last two years at TUMO, the two have completed plenty of learning labs and workshops, making their way from TUMO student, to TUMO coach. According to them, the new position offers not only a change of pace, but new responsibilities that help their educational development.

“TUMO’s approach to learning is through hands-on activities, which always attracted me. When I read about the learning coach position, I knew right away that I wanted to apply. I enjoy learning as much as I enjoy meeting new people. It’s important for me to personally get to know TUMO Gyumri’s students and to gain their trust,” says Gevorg.

Even though Gevorg is an economist by profession, he discovered and fell in love with programming and all things tech at TUMO. His colleague Samvel told us that because of conversations he had with Gevorg over the past eight months that they’ve been working together, he too was drawn to learn how to code. “With Gevorg’s help, I’m also learning programming. He’s a hard worker, especially when it comes to coding.”

Gevrog also had a few things to say about his colleague Samvel. Working together over the past few months, Gevorg had a chance to witness the magic of Samvel’s organizational skills in action, and it made a big impact on him. Apparently, Samvel takes care of delegating all of their tasks, which makes it easier for them to complete their work.

For Samvel, the most important thing about TUMO is the environment, where teens have a chance to explore all of their interests and test out possible future career paths. It’s a great vibe, and a great place to be a part of. “By being a TUMO coach, I developed my organizational skills. There are about fifty students in TUMO Gyumri’s biggest quadrant, and being able to manage all of them is an organizational feat that I am proud of having mastered.


Saying Samvel enjoys long walks is an understatement. He once walked seven and a half hours from Gyumri to Lori Saint Hovhannes church, covering approximately 30 km on foot!

As for Gevorg, he’s a huge fan of the Harry Potter franchise, dedicating at least two days once a year to re-watch all of the films in the series.