untitled 2 - #TUMO10 Newsletter
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The moment we’ve all been waiting for… (cue drumroll)… TUMO HAS TURNED 10! Over the last decade, we’ve welcomed 60,000 students, opened 12 centers and boxes around the world and hosted 15,862 workshops and over 700 learning labs with international professionals. As a special treat, we’ve reconnected with some pretty awesome young people who joined us back in 2011 and are sharing what they’re up to as the #TUMOgeneration.


It’s not everyday that you come across a programmer who also has a knack for agriculture. Raffi has found innovative solutions to challenges that sprout in the greenhouse.


nare 10 - #TUMO10 Newsletter

After a long year of working from home, we can all use a little bit of help from Nare Gevorgyan’s fitness app Embrytech. Her passion for product design at TUMO led her to launch her own start-up and even be featured on Forbes’ list of women in tech, alongside our CEO Marie Lou Papazian.


Lights, camera, ARMINE. The world knows her as a model but she’s got an endless list of creative tools up her sleeve. Tour her grandparent’s art studio as she discusses how TUMO shaped her into the multi-skilled artist that she is now.


These 3 TUMOians had no idea in 2011 that one day they’d be working together at EPAM. Or maybe they did. From participating in TEDx Yerevan to organizing Earth Day, TUMO paved the way for their careers.

10 years of smiles and learning with some of the coolest minds ever. We’re so proud of the students and community who got us here. This is only the beginning… check back in September to hear about new TUMO projects popping up soon 😉