TUMO Student Ani Beglaryan Volunteers at TUMO and Beyond

TUMO Student Ani Beglaryan Volunteers at TUMO and Beyond

The list of workshops and labs that Ani Beglaryan has participated in covers the entire range of TUMO — from a photography to Node.js programming. She signed up for TUMO six days after turning 12, and now, three years and many projects later, she is in no rush to leave. “Everything that I learn in workshops and labs is applicable beyond TUMO. For example, one of the most useful skills that I gained here is photography. I routinely volunteer to shoot events,” said Ani.

Volunteering is Ani’s latest passion. “I think there is no better way to gain new experiences and practical knowledge. At the same time, you’re helping people. Knowledge is something that must be shared stay relevant and alive,” she said. In the past year, she hasn’t missed a single opportunity to volunteer, especially for projects and causes related to the environmental and social development of Armenia.

Six months ago, she even joined TUMO’s robotics team as a volunteer. Yes, robotics is also on her list of interests. One could say that Ani has many dreams, but she’s more likely to describe them as clearly formulated goals. “Eventually, I want to open an innovative scientific research center. I have other ideas in education, but all things in their own time,” she said.


Ani has an interesting tradition. She keeps a souvenir from each of her projects in a box. For example, she’s saved some of the blue and black tape used in robotics, stickers from a creative writing workshop and a 3D star from a printing workshop.


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