TUMO Stepanakert’s Arshak

TUMO Stepanakert’s Arshak

With his blue jeans, sneakers and cap worn backwards in rap style, this TUMOian in Stepanakert is never at a loss for words (in the most positive sense of the phrase). Everyone knows that any workshop or presentation here can be punctuated with Arshak’s humor or comments.

Three years ago, when TUMO Stepanakert had just opened, Arshak Aghakaryan was 11 and had to wait for a year before he could sign up.

“My uncle had told my mother about TUMO. I was interested in technology at the time and, naturally, I rushed to sign up. But it turned out that I was still too young. I was sad, obviously…” Arshak said.

Graphic design, motion graphics, programming, photography and a number of workshops – this is just an incomplete version of Arshak’s track record.

“I included programming in my track on purpose, but design was completely unexpected. Someone advised me to try it, so I did, and I’m happy to have done so.”

Arshak confesses that the thing he likes most at TUMO is the policy of trying yourself in a wide range of areas, even in case of a complete lack of talent.

“So far, I’ve chosen the courses and workshops where I know at least a little. Now I want to go for the drawing course. I have no particular talent when it comes to drawing, but I really want to experiment,” Arshak said honestly.

Before coming to TUMO, Arshak believed he had decided on a future career path, but he no longer feels that way now. He has increased his range of options.

“I haven’t decided yet – programming, design, or photography. Overall, the important thing is that all three of these areas have a bright future.”


Arshak likes to read about space, celestial bodies, planets and, yes, aliens as well. He dreams about meeting an alien one day and taking a miraculous trip through a black hole.