From TUMO to the Oscars: Arnold’s Dream

From TUMO to the Oscars: Arnold’s Dream

17-year old TUMOian, Arnold Ghazaryan, is a familiar face to drivers in the main intersection of Khachmach Village in the Askeran region of Artsakh. He has been going to TUMO Stepanakert for the past 2 years and has an unconventional way of getting there  — hitchhiking. The “tumobus” does not go to Khachmach yet. His journey to the center begins with a 2 kilometer walk from his home to the highway, where he hails a car to drive him to Stepanakert.

Arnold learned about TUMO from the famous filmmaker Jivan Avetisyan, who led a workshop at TUMO Stepanakert last year. “Jivan was filming a movie in our village, and I worked as a assistant on set. When Jivan learned that I wanted to shoot a film, he advised me to go to TUMO,” said Arnold.

Arnold arrived at TUMO with a clear purpose to learn everything about movies and film production. For an entire year, he spent his free time raising money to buy a camera. By working odd jobs like mowing lawns and tiling houses, he bought a camera and shot his first short film about two of his brothers.

“I come from a family of 10 brothers and sisters,” said Arnold. “I included my brothers in the film because they understand me very well.” According to Arnold, TUMO has given Arnold more than just skills and knowledge. “I’ve made new friends at TUMO, I’ve gained communication skills, and learned how to interact with people. I have fond of this place,” he said.


Arnold dreams about making an Oscar-winning film in Artsakh.