06.1 19 - TUMO Newsletter 06.1
06.1 20 - TUMO Newsletter 06.1

It’s that jaw-dropping time of month when we look back at what our students have been up to. So, we humbly present for your consideration a small selection of teen creations from the past month.


Sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone is being sarcastic, so TUMOians in Microsoft AI specialist Shahbaz Mogal’s lab used machine learning to create a program that gets it. In a learning lab organized in collaboration with Beeline Armenia, students used NLP (natural language processing) to analyze and detect even the most subtle undertones in texts.


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Illustrator and teacher Victor Melamed made sure that his TUMO students had the courage to question their work, get unstuck and evolve as artists. In his learning lab, TUMOians picked famous characters, researched their features, created sculptures, photographed them in a DIY studio and transformed their sculptures into illustrations. See all the lab results here.


A horror movie that includes Gyumri’s oldest barbershop, parrots, funky tunes, and some ears that went missing, by Gyumri TUMOian Melanya Vardanyan.


Did you know that in the TUMO Yerevan building, there’s a coding school where the best programmers of the future are made? Would you believe it’s part of a world-renowned network with centers in Tokyo, Silicon Valley, Paris and beyond? Did we mention it’s free of charge? Did you already check out www.42yerevan.am?