TUMO Gyumri’s Harut

TUMO Gyumri’s Harut

Gyumri TUMOian Harut Avoyan’s life motto is not having one. “When you move through life with one ideology, it may not apply to every situation that you come across. This is why I take everything as it comes.” With this mindset, Harut is committed to developing both his tech and design skills at TUMO.

Since 2019, he has completed all three levels of Filmmaking and Drawing, ticked off a handful of learning labs, and learned JavaScript and Python. “As much as I prefer art, I’m also interested in tech. The combination of the two, like digitized art, is the sweet spot.”

“Coffee in Gyumri”, film created by Harut as a part of a group project

During his time at TUMO, Harut has created an intricate carpet inspired by his hometown and illustrated an Armenian fairy tale called “Tsipili, Timbaka, and the Laughter.” He’s managed to write a 12-pager on an imaginary family called the Smiths and explore the vvvv programming language. Harut’s also in charge of SMM at Gyumri Technology Center, where he organizes duties in their coworking group and manages one of their projects. Instead of feeling tired when he has a lot on his plate, Harut feels exhausted when there’s nothing to do.

“Presque Vu”, Harut’s poster for his graphic design workshop, level 1

harutyun avoyan - TUMO Gyumri’s Harut

Amidst this tide of his busy daily life, Harut puts the skills he gained at TUMO into use. “In addition to  the technical skills that I gained at TUMO, I have also developed soft skills. For instance, I’m now familiar with the ins and outs of communication, I know how to be more assertive and have the zeal to search and find more comprehensive knowledge.”


Harut’s TUMO journey doesn’t end here. He hopes to become a learning coach and help future TUMOians succeed. Later on in his career, he wants to work as a workshop leader and be the kind of educator he looks up to as a student now.