Tumo Box Opened in Berd

Tumo Box Opened in Berd

On December 28, the second TUMO box was opened in the border town of Berd, in Tavush province, within the framework of cooperation between the TUMO Center of Creative Technologies, the Central Bank of Armenia, Amundi-ACBA Asset Management Company and Hayg Foundation.

Minister of High-Tech Industry, Hakob Arshakyan, the Governor of Tavush Hayk Chobanyan, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia Nerses Yeritsyan, TUMO alumni and the future students of the Box joined TUMO and Berd TUMO Box sponsors at the opening event.

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Welcoming those present, TUMO CEO, Marie Lou Papazian stated, “The idea of ​​TUMO box was born years ago, when we conducted a special graphic design workshop for Berd teenagers in TUMO Dilijan, together with the Homeland Development Initiative Foundation. The participants created the branding of a honey and berry festival. Inspired by the success of the participants, we started working on the idea of ​​creating mini TUMOs in the small towns and villages of Armenia and Artsakh, and merging them with the already existing centers. It is symbolic that today the participants of that workshop are also taking part in this event and presenting the results of their work. ”

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“I congratulate the TUMO Center and the residents of Berd on the opening of the TUMO Box. The creation of such infrastructure is very important for the growth of our communities. It gives greater opportunities for our children to receive alternative education, to learn new technology, and to see how those technologies affect the world and different spheres of the economy, ranging from agriculture to defense,” said Minister of High-Tech Industry, Hakob Arshakyan.

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Hovik Mazejyan, Director of Amundi-ACBA, spoke about the cooperation and the potential of the project. “When we decided to introduce a culture of social responsibility, education and culture were chosen as areas. It was very natural to choose TUMO Center as a partner, as our collective goals in these areas coincide. As a result, we created TUMO Berd, paving the way for new opportunities in the educational life of the community.”

The goal of the TUMO Box project is to make the TUMO curriculum accessible to young people in small communities. It is a small but technically equipped mini TUMO. Students will begin the self-learning phase of the TUMO curriculum in the Box, and will continue at TUMO Dilijan for workshops and labs. Each TUMO box will provide an opportunity to educate about 320 young people a year in the fields of technology and design. In addition to TUMO’s main program, the Box can be used in the morning for other educational programs.

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“TUMO’s presence in our province has three main advantages. One of which is that the center itself is a long-term development program and an opportunity for change in the community through education. The second is the fostering of the already-existing engineering and technological potential of Tavush, and, especially the youth of Berd. The third is the opportunity to introduce a new corporate culture, from aesthetics to community involvement,”said Tavush Governor, Hayk Chobanyan.

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“The Central Bank, like any corporate structure, has a social responsibility. In Dilijan, we chose TUMO as a partner because we trust the center’s mission. In this regard, I must say that the most important thing for us is the development of creative thinking in our country, which in turn can open greater opportunities in the future,” said CB Deputy Chairman, Nerses Yeritsyan.

TUMO will continue its mission for regional development. Last week, a TUMO Box was opened in Gavar, and a number of other locations are expected to open in 2021.