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Welcome to TUMO: a tuition-free after-school education program at the intersection of technology and design. A place where teenagers take charge of their own learning. Since 2011, we’ve opened up our facilities and program to over 60,000 youths in Armenia and Artsakh. Our mission is to provide each and every Armenian teen the freedom to dream big, to explore their passions while building the skills and self-confidence required to shape their future. To achieve this, we’ve launched the TUMO Armenia campaign.

The TUMO Armenia campaign is a $50 million initiative that will build a network of 16 Hub Centers and 110 TUMO Boxes, granting all teenagers in Armenia and Artsakh access to the program in five years time. That means regardless of where they are in the country, 80,000 students will have access to TUMO’s cutting-edge education.

The TUMO Armenia Campaign

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TUMO Generation in Action

Shaping the TUMO Box Generation

Change the lives of Armenian teenagers and lay strong foundations for the future of Armenia and Artsakh.

We’re asking you to invest in the next generation. With your support, we can ensure that each and every teen in Armenia and Artsakh has access to state-of-the-art learning.

*Donations in the United States are 100% tax deductible.