To Write All The Codes: Araqsya from TUMO Stepanakert

To Write All The Codes: Araqsya from TUMO Stepanakert

17-year-old Araqsya was born in Vedi, in the Ararat Province, and moved with her family to Artsakh 5 years ago.

The challenges of a teenager adapting to a new environment seem straight out of a Hollywood film, but unlike those films Araqsya didn’t find the transition all that difficult, with her helpful new classmates and the city of Stepanakert providing a peaceful and positive atmosphere. “Aside from getting lost in adjusting to the Artsakh dialect, the only difficult part about moving was changing schools. When I was finally admitted to PhysMath, I was already getting ready to change schools,” she says.

If your favorite subjects at school are physics and mathematics, then you’d assume that when you first come to TUMO that you’d study the technological disciplines exclusively. Yet Araqsaya was not limited to any particular field. “When I realized that there are really no technologically insurmountable challenges, I began taking courses in other fields. I realized I like to write, regardless of whether it’s a story or a set of code. That’s when my creativity began pouring out,” says Araqsya.

Araqsya still doesn’t know where to pursue programming, be it at a university or at 42 Yerevan, but she definitely knows that she wants to engage in the development of education in Armenia’s technological sector. “I think there’s a lot of room to develop tourism in Armenia and Artsakh through technology, and I have a lot of ideas for such projects,” she says enthusiastically.

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