Dina Yeghiazaryan: the TUMO Path to Perfection

Dina Yeghiazaryan: the TUMO Path to Perfection

Back in 2020, you might have read about the TUMO Path from Dina Yeghiazaryan’s perspective in this blog post. “The TUMO Path keeps getting better with time. I’m excited for what’s next,” said Dina in 2020. Since then, she’s come a long way. From a 15 year old exploring her interests to a freelance graphic designer with two years of professional experience at the age of 18. Let’s see what her secret to success was and what the TUMO Path had to do with it!

In October 2017, Dina decided to enroll at TUMO and her first picks were animation, graphic design, drawing, and every other “artsy” learning area you could come across. She had been drawing in her free time even before TUMO, but things got interesting when she found out that at TUMO she’d be drawing everything digitally. She was shocked when the workshop leader placed a tablet in front of her instead of pencils or paint.

From then on, her long and winding story with digital art and motion graphics began. It was in her level one graphic design workshop in March 2019 that she realized she could construct a career out of her static and dynamic designs. Not only was she interested in creating posters, she also wanted to animate the elements of the designs. This is why she decided to tackle all three levels of the motion graphics workshop at TUMO.

Dina’s level three motion graphics result, created in collaboration with two TUMOians

Slowly but surely, she leveled up in her workshops and labs and began creating designs and illustrations for friends and family. Since then, she’s registered to freelancing websites and taken graphic design requests from people and companies across the world.

Dina in the Product Packaging Design learning lab with Sam Eckersley, Associate Chair of Graphic Design at SCAD

Dina has worked with a team based in Yerevan to create promotional materials and animations for popular restaurants in the city. She even decided to go one step further and take a shot at web design through the web development workshop at TUMO.

Let’s see where the TUMO Path takes her the next time we catch up with her!