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TUMO is a free after-school educational program where teens take charge of their own learning. Our program consists of self-learning, workshops, and learning labs in 14 different design and tech-related areas.

Armenia and Artsakh currently have four TUMO centers in Yerevan, Dilijan, Gyumri, and Stepanakert, as well as two TUMO boxes in Berd and Gavar.

To make the TUMO program available to all teens nationwide, we’ve envisioned the TUMO Armenia initiative. The program will ensure that top-tier education is at the reach of any teen in Armenia and Artsakh – regardless of geographic location and socio-economic status.

TUMO centers are stocked with all of the tools needed for implementing our program: self-learning, workshops, and learning labs with leading international specialists.

The TUMO box is a mini-TUMO that allows teens to participate in the TUMO program without having to move out of their hometowns.

All TUMO boxes and centers are connected through a specially organized transportation network. After completing the self-learning stage of the program, students at TUMO boxes may commute to the nearest TUMO center to participate in workshops and learning labs.

Our goal is to build a network of 16 centers and 110 boxes, granting the same educational opportunities to all students across Armenia and Artsakh.

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Let’s unite in our mission of ensuring that all young Armenians have access to a leading-edge education, nationwide, and hand them the tools needed to jump-start their careers in a global market as competitive professionals