TUMO Launches Initiative to Support Forcibly Displaced Teens from Artsakh

TUMO Launches Initiative to Support Forcibly Displaced Teens from Artsakh

The TUMO Center for Creative Technologies is announcing a new initiative, TUMO for Artsakh Teens, aimed at meeting the needs of young people between the ages of 12 and 18 who have been forcibly displaced from Artsakh. The multi-year, holistic initiative will accompany displaced adolescents throughout their teenage years, helping them gain access to the different types of resources they need to ensure their well being and their healthy integration into their new home environments. The T4AT initiative is part of the TUMO Armenia campaign, which aims to make the TUMO program accessible to all Armenian teenagers by 2026.

TUMO has worked with tens of thousands of Armenian teenagers for the past 12 years, including thousands in Artsakh, through a center in Stepanakert and boxes in Askeran, Martakert and Martuni, and will now take responsibility of assessing their needs and family circumstances in coordination with relevant partner organizations, and will facilitate and monitor the provision of services to them by governmental and international agencies and NGOs. A dedicated team set up within TUMO will collaborate closely with partners specializing in data collection, social work, and support services.

The key components of the initiative include:

  1. Tracking and maintaining contact with every displaced teenager from Artsakh, from today through their 19th birthday or until they no longer require assistance.
  2. Facilitating their entry into the TUMO program in Armenia wherever facilities are available.
  3. Monitoring their evolving needs for services such as housing, healthcare, mental health support, scholarships, access to equipment, university admissions support and career counseling.
  4. Acting as an advocate for the teenagers, connecting them with service providers, and monitoring the provision of those services through regular check-ins.
  5. Raising funds, channeling them to third party service providers and ensuring adequate reporting to donors.

“We consider all young Armenians as our children,” said Marie Lou Papazian, “Our Artsakh teens need our help more than ever, but we also need them. If we help them recover and reach their full potential, we will all benefit from the addition of so many bright young minds working for a prosperous and secure future.”

The cost of administering the T4AT initiative will be covered by the TUMO Armenia campaign, ensuring a dedicated team of project managers, social service specialists, and call center operators. Applications to join the team are being accepted at tumo.org/jobs/.

Those wishing to support the initiative can contribute in various ways, including offering professional skills and donations. Please contact TUMO at [email protected] or donate via armenia.tumo.org/t4at. When donating, please mention “For Artsakh teens” in the comments.

Forcibly displaced teenagers and their parents who have not already been contacted by TUMO are encouraged to call +37410398413 or send a message to [email protected].

TUMO plans to build a network of 16 centers and over 100 boxes to reach every corner of Armenia through the TUMO Armenia campaign. Each TUMO box provides tech and design education to approximately 320 students weekly. Students alternate between self-learning exercises in their box and workshops and project labs at the nearest center.