Susana’s Maralik Music Box

The TUMO Box in Maralik, operating for nine months now, has become the place where local youth discover new interests in innovative fields. Susana Kuznecova, 17-years-old, has already uncovered that filmmaking and music are on the top of her list of many TUMO interests.

Susana moved to Maralik from Moldova when she was seven. From her first home, she remembers the grape vines, her grandmother’s winemaking, and the scary stories her and her friends would tell around bonfires lit by the river.

Actually, whether randomly or by coincidence, her life revolves around the number seven; she also signed up to be a TUMOian on the seventh day of the seventh month, and started her first class on September 7, at 7pm.

2 1 - Susana’s Maralik Music Box

Music is an irreplaceable part of Susana’s day-to-day life. She plays piano, guitar, and percussion instruments. On top of that, she creates digital music at TUMO, in which she can use any instrument virtually, including the violin, wind instruments, and even the xylophone.

Her love for music takes her from Maralik to Artik, where her and her friends’ band, The Pink Stones, practice. They took inspiration from The Rosy Stones, a band that played in the same city from 1978 to 1988. The Pink Stones play songs from different genres from covers of varying genres to their interpretations of Armenian songs.

“When mom got me my guitar, I taught myself to play. And then when we were looking for a guitar instructor to help me get better, they recommended I go to Artik. There I met my guitar teacher, Hamo, who’s the current leader of The Pink Stones. When he saw that I could play the guitar well, he decided to form a band with me and other young musicians,” Susana recalls.

Currently, Susana and Hamo are the only members from their original The Pink Stones group. New young musicians from Artik have come to replace the members that are now serving in the army or continuing their education.

In Susana’s opinion, their TUMO Box brought a wave of changes in their community. “For example, kids who couldn’t figure out what they wanted to do in life now come to TUMO with great enthusiasm to discover new fields.” recounts Susana.

2 7 - Susana’s Maralik Music Box

“The first time I came to the TUMO Box, the environment immediately became dear to me. Meeting the coaches inspired me even more and I completed all of the available self-learning activities on the first day.” recalls Susana.

Susana’s favorite spot in Maralik is the park of Spitak Church, where the serene environment helps her collect her thoughts and draw the people and events that inhabit them.

2 4 - Susana’s Maralik Music Box
2 6 - Susana’s Maralik Music Box

When we asked her how she envisions her future, Susana didn’t enlighten us; she simply asked us to wait patiently, and get ready to be in awe when we see it, because the results will definitely amaze. Until then, she will continue to dive into film and drawing and spend countless hours with her band to achieve the ideal guitar solo.