Studying: Habit? or the full-stack reality for Narek of Kapan?

Studying: Habit? or the full-stack reality for Narek of Kapan?

*The word “ study/learn” is used 16 times in this story, and that’s no accident.

16-year-old Narek studies a bit more than average, and we’re not merely saying this because it’s an obvious topic to open with. Technologies and design at TUMO and Armat Laboratories, math and English lessons, and finance and trading at home — if it seems his entire day is packed with studies, that’s because it is!

“I have classes from eight in the morning until six in the evening,” says Narek, a student at the TUMO Box in Kapan, and he does so not with disappointment but with a sense of pride. Narek doesn’t have classes (or TUMO focus areas) that he doesn’t like, because, as he relays, everything will serve him in the future.

Since he’s known for a while that he wants to become a full-stack developer when he grows up, the “I’ll need it in the future” mentality has led him to learn HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript and a few other programming languages. He’s currently studying React.

In an attempt to veer away from the topic of studies, we asked Narek about Kapan — what’s life like in his hometown?, which are his favorite spots? — and it turns out, what he loves most about Kapan is that the opportunities for self-development are numerous. “It’s not everywhere there’s a TUMO center and an Armat Lab.” His answer is not a surprise, but this teen’s yearning to learn is consistently amazing.

Narek first learned about TUMO from social media. He immediately looked into it and registered. TUMO — where you can learn something new everyday — and Narek — the boy that never passes on an opportunity to learn — were made for each other.

In the two years that Narek has been studying programming at TUMO, he has also managed to study graphic design, animation, writing, and a slew of other learning areas, develop a few websites, design logos, and even write a story.

One of Narek’s websites.

What Narek loves the most about TUMO is the variety of learning areas that are available, the significance given to independent learning, and his TUMOian friends. What he likes the least is that the TUMO center in Kapan is not open yet. Yes, Kapan’s railway station is currently still under construction and underway towards its transformation into the region’s TUMO hub, and the TUMO education has been currently available through the temporary TUMO Box cluster located next to the site. Anyway — we’re making a note to invite Narek to the opening and diving further into getting to know him better.

His favorite film is “A Piece of Sky”, and his favorite storyline from it is the moving story of the hero learning his father’s trade. Once again, amazing.

You’ll also have a hard time foreseeing Narek’s answer to the question “What do you wish for?”. Narek, who devotes most of his time to studying, dreams of building his future in such a way that he’ll be able to spend most of his time with his family. He hasn’t yet made up his mind about whether that future will be in Kapan or Yerevan, but one thing is clear — he is going to apply all the knowledge he’s accruing in Armenia.