Radish. Yes, just a radish. And why radish – Artyom from Ijevan will tell you

Radish. Yes, just a radish. And why radish – Artyom from Ijevan will tell you

What do you think of when you hear the word “Boxk?” (boghk is the Armenian word for radish) You probably think “vegetable,” right? You’re probably also wondering what that has to do with the young lad pictured above.

This is 14-year-old Artyom, and “Boghk” is the name of his animation YouTube channel, which he has been running for one year now.

Artyom lives in the city of Ijevan and has been attending TUMO Dilijan for two and a half years. From the age of six, Artyom’s parents had started to notice his interest in creating images.

He would take a piece of paper and colored pencils and start bringing his favorite cartoon characters to life. Once they heard about TUMO, they immediately decided to register Artyom.   

“When I first got to TUMO Dilijan, I had already managed to become familiar with TUMO’s 14 learning areas thanks to the internet. It was still very hard to decide on my selection of 6 learning areas,” Artyom shares.

In two and a half years, Artyom has managed to participate in animation, game development, motion graphics, drawing, music, and programming workshops.​​ At first, he attended the TUMO center in Dilijan (he was one of the first students at the center); for seven months, he has been completing his self-learning exercises at the TUMO Box in Azatamut, and now he studies in Ijevan box and goes to TUMO Dilijan to participate in the many, many workshops that interest him.

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“My thoughts always seem to be traveling. Whatever I think up, I try to make it tangible. I’m on the road to turning my dreams into reality. I am focusing my skills and bringing life to my ideas, transforming them into lively and humorous animations. With every animation, I’m not only sharing what I love, but I also try to motivate others into realizing their ideas in this endless digital world,” says Artyom.

Artyom had been following different bloggers on YouTube from the age of six. Attending TUMO brought him to the realization that he wants to have his own channel. He started thinking about the content, the creation of the videos, and the name. Since his animations were humorous, he wanted to think of a funny name for the channel. And that’s how “Boxk” grew. He then contemplated whether he should be making the animations in Russian or English, but he came to the decision that they should be in Armenian.

1 4 - Radish. Yes, just a radish. And why radish - Artyom from Ijevan will tell you

Artyom edits his animations with Adobe Premiere and After Effects (software that he got familiar with on the web and enriched his understanding of at TUMO). By using the skills he attained at TUMO, Artyom improves the quality of his YouTube channel on daily.

The TUMO experience doesn’t only revolve around the Youtube channel and taking part in workshops. He has decided to advance his skills in the field of animation and eventually teach future animators who will attend TUMO.

Artyom’s favorite animation from his own repertoire (because it was the first he uploaded on his channel):

You can support, follow, and subscribe to Artyom’s channel “Boxk” here: https://www.youtube.com/@boxkanim