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While completing the three levels of web design workshops offered at TUMO, students learn to become comfortable with exploring and creating in the digital domain. 

web dev - Coding the Web

According to Aramayis Grigoryan, “students acquire fundamental industry skills,” but the main goal, he stresses, is not to teach students how to merely follow instructions. “We present teens with the tools to facilitate problem solving, so that they can achieve independence and think outside the box. Once teens hit that level, programming starts to get a lot more fun and creative!”

web - Coding the Web

Level I

To start off, students are introduced to the major programming languages and web design tools. “First, we teach teens HTML which, of course, isn’t so much a programming language as it is a language for creating websites. We use HTML to build a website’s skeleton, so to speak, and later mould and customize it with the help of CSS,” says workshop leader Garegin Davtyan. By the end of the first level, TUMOians will have designed their very own static website, 5-6-pages long.

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Level II

Equipped with the knowledge of how to create static sites, student tackle dynamic websites in level two. The difference between these, they’ll learn, is that whereas static sites are delivered exactly as stored, the content of a dynamic page can be easily edited through a web application, which in this case, TUMOians will also design. To accomplish all of this, students incorporate PHP and MySQL languages into their arsenal of web design tools, and create either a whole new website, or choose to revamp the one they created in level one. In this level, teens learn to reason, which is the most important skill you can have in programming,” says Aramayis, who confessed level two is his favorite.

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Level III

Finally, after learning about dynamic sites, teens move on to WordPress, an open source web design application based on PHP and MySQL. Having grasped these languages too, TUMOians will be able to freely code and design WordPress templates, an impressive achievement.Websites are the most accessible platform for presenting information to a worldwide audience today. “During the workshops, student acquire the knowledge necessary to continue working independently and develop their professional skills. Plus, with the help of graphic design, photography, and other creative TUMO workshops and labs, they’ll have everything they need to create beautiful websites all on their own! The possibilities are endless,” says Garegin, and we can’t wait to see how TUMOians will change the web.

Workshop leader Smbat Matinyan notes that students also develop their logic skills throughout the workshop, skills which are indispensable for any professional. “In the field of web design, talent doesn’t lie in knowledge of math, but in algorithmic thinking and logic.”

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