Vanilla JavaScript From Home

Tatevik Hayrapetyan’s programming mini-workshop was designed for beginners. Participants got acquainted with the JavaScript programming language and used it to develop their own applications. All applications were written with Vanilla JavaScript and without the use of a library.

Karen Muradyan

Karen Muradyan is a hip hop fan, which is why he decided to write a program that makes music. By clicking on each button, the app connects to a music loop and produces sound.

Christine Alaverdyan

While this mini-workshop was Christine’s first experience with programming, she’s already learned to program an app! Her app is a math quiz and calculator. 

Mariam Gabrielyan

Mariam developed a memory improving game. It’s her own version of the color matching game “Memory.”

Narek Ghazaryan

Since Gyumri resident Narek Ghazaryan came to the mini-workshop with programming experience, he used it as an opportunity to challenge himself. Narek developed an application that functions as a percussion instrument, both playing and recording music.

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