Typography & Semiotics with Ivan Shemyakin

In Ivan Shemyakin’s lab the students learned everything about macro typography and semiotic analysis. They studied how to adapt the typeface in the general layout of the web design and how to arrange paragraphs based on elements like images or color layout. And here are the TUMOians’ final results!


Aghavni Khachatryan, 17
Alla Tadevosyan, 17
Anna Hovhannisyan,16

Diana Hovhannisyan, 18
Hakob Babayan, 16
Lilya Hayrapetyan, 16

Mane Ghazaryan, 14
Rozalia Nalbandyan, 20
Vehand Damiryan, 16


Meri Grigoryan, 17
Nare Hakobyan, 15
Lilit Torosyan,15

Samvel Baghdasaryan, 16
Viktorya Aslanyan, 15

Serine Ulikhanyan, 13
Zhanna Ghalechyan, 16
Gor Ghukasyan, 17

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