TUMOians about TUMOians

During cinematographer Margos Margossian’s lab, students at TUMO Yerevan made short films about TUMOians whose professional path has been influenced by TUMO’s learning labs. The four films talk about students who have started careers in animation, photography, programming and graphic design.

Aida Shalaeva, 19
Alisa Hakobyan, 16
Anahit Mikaelyan, 19
Artyom Isakhanyan, 18


Arusyak Galstyan, 15
Emma Martirosyan, 17
Gevorg Vardanyan, 18
Ghazaros Teknejyan, 25
Haykuhi Aleksanyan, 19


Mariam Eghoyan, 21
Milena Mirimanyan, 17
Sona Sargsyan, 16
Susanna Atanesyan, 16


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