Simulations in Physics

In Maya Martirossyan’s lab, students learned about how to build simulations from physics principles. Students made 3D mini-games with VPython, where they programmed in the physics of moving objects. They also performed computer experiments using classical physics simulations – Monte Carlo and Molecular dynamics – to study the assembly and ordering in systems of particles.

Ani Dashyan, 18
Ararat Markosyan, 14
Arsen Pinachyan, 17
Arto Khachatryan, 15
Ashot Mnatsakanyan, 16 

David Ghonyan, 19
Edgar Bazikyan, 16
Hamlet Brutyan, 16
Hamlet Mikayelyan, 15
Koryun Grigoryan, 15
Levon Brutyan, 14
Luiza Karapetyan, 19
Vahe Khachatryan, 17
Zhenya Karapetyan, 18

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