Robotics with Arsen Petrosyan and Alexand​​r​​​ Bratchikov

It looks like a scene right out of a sci-fi movie, but these aren’t film props. TUMOians in Arsen Petrosyan and Alexander Bratchikov’s Gyumri robotics lab engineered a dazzling array of gadgets that are capable of sensing and responding to even the slightest movements, via sensors. Among the fantastic creations were robots that perform actions like turning music on and off after detecting human muscle movements and brain waves.

Andranik Stepanyan – 15
Artur Amroyan – 15
David Torosyan – 14
Hovhannes Manushyan – 16
Hovnan Panfyorov – 14

Hovsep Mardoyan – 15
Kalipse Torosyan – 17
Karen Simonyan – 16
Rafik Sahakyan – 14
Ruben Gevorgyan – 16

Sashik Arakelyan – 15
Sofi Minasyan – 14
Susanna Yeghiazaryan – 14
Vahan Grigoryan – 20
Vilik Nakhshikyan – 16

big Arsen Petrosyan - Robotics with Arsen Petrosyan and Alexand​​r​​​ Bratchikov

Arsen Petrosyan

Arsen Petrosyan graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. For the last eight years, he worked in IT, marketing, and telecom. Before starting his studies at Strelka Institute, he worked at Rostelecom Innovation Center where he developed projects in the fields of education, transport, and energy efficiency. Arsen also has experience managing a startup; in 2014, he co-founded a food delivery service.

big Aleksandr Bratchikov - Robotics with Arsen Petrosyan and Alexand​​r​​​ Bratchikov

Alexand r Bratchikov

Alexand​​r​ Bratchikov received a degree in cybernetics and mathematical modelling from Saint Petersburg University of Economics. He went on to work as a data scientist on several projects focused on market research for the film industry, and participated in the development of a digital marketing platform that collects and analyses real-time user data. Alexand​​r​ has initiated several research projects connected with visualisation of social media data and analysis of quantitative data in international relations.

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