Product Photography Inspired by TUMO Studios

In this Product Photography learning lab taught by artist and photographer Anna Prilutckaia, our TUMOians gave us quite the treat – a beautiful collection of nuanced photos that showcase TUMO Studios’ artisanal pieces. In the lab, students studied everything from the basics of the camera and subject shooting, to the delicate play of natural light, composition, props, color, and more. In this introduction to still life photography, they also researched renowned authors of the field and applied the concepts they discovered to lighting schemes in a real studio.

Their final results were presented in an innovative exhibition in a virtual space called Spatial.

Ani Navasardyan, 16
Arsen Grigoryan, 16
Elen Khachatryan, 18
Gayane Bubushyan, 16
Gayane Margaryan, 18

Julietta Hovhannisyan, 19
Laura Eghiazaryan, 17
Mane Ghazabyan, 14
Mariam Ghukasyan, 20
Meri Danielyan, 22

Shant Saradyan, 16
Syuzi Melkumyan, 14
Yelena Yeganyan, 15
Zhenya Grigoryan, 14
Zhora Apresyan, 14

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