Portraits with Melamed

Choosing a character – researching its features – creating a sculpture – photographing in a DIY studio – transforming the sculpture into an illustration. In a learning lab with artist and teacher Victor Melamed, TUMOians took the scenic route to perfecting their illustration skills and artistic thinking. The celebrities they illustrated might look familiar.

Aleksandr Zatikyan, 15
Anahit Poghosyan, 17
Ani Khocoyan, 15
Anna Stepanyan, 18
Anush Gurgenyan, 16

Davit Khachatryan, 16
Dina Eghiazaryan, 16
Eva Marukhyan, 20
Inna Asatryan, 18
Kamilla Manukyan, 16

Lilit Aleqsanyan, 16
Ovsanna Khachatryan, 15
Satenik Apreyan, 21
Veronika Baghdyan, 16
Grigor Martirosyan, 17


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