In the photography workshop, students learn what it means to communicate using images from the world around them. Teens start by discovering how to control light with a photo camera, an important element of photography. From there, they move on to composition where they discover the techniques of visual storytelling that they can utilize as they capture images for work or pleasure.

By the end of the third level, students gain insight into the basic elements of photography including composition, light and storytelling, along with a keen understanding of visual perception and photographic methods of communication.

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Level I

The very first photography workshop is dedicated to discovering how to capture lasting images. It begins with an understanding of exposure through hands-on work with a camera that includes practical assignments in both indoor and outdoor settings. Students then discover the art of photography post-production and how to edit their own images.

Level II

This level of the workshop is dedicated to understanding the many genres of photography, composition and framing, along with more editing. The practical assignments are based on composition elements and are implemented by shooting in the street photography style.

Level III

By this level, students are ready to dedicate themselves to the art of storytelling through photography. Students discover visual storytelling, how to pick a story and how to capture it with their camera. In the end, they have their own photo story ready to share with the world.

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