Noyan Juice Package Design

In 2015, the TUMO partnership with Noyan, one of the leading manufacturers of natural juice in Armenia, yielded a new line of packaging whose concept was created by TUMO students. The development of the idea took place over the course of a special two-month long learning lab which consisted of various phases. In the first phase, the students suggested different characters and storylines. From there, illustrator Sara Marie Shaboyan worked with the students to create different types of characters and Moscow-based designer Aram Mirzoyants helped the students make the designs a reality as product packages. The design entered its final stage and was prepared for production in December 2015. From there, the TUMO student-designed juice package appeared on the shelves of Armenian markets and was available for purchase.

Arevik Aleksanyan ​- 21
Astkhik Zeynalyan 
– 16
Bella Martirosyan 
​-​ 15

Davit Harutyunyan – 16
Elen Hovhannisyan 
– 19

Goharik Droshakiryan – 17
Lilit Minasyan – 17

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