The fulfilling path of studying music, exploring its genres, learning to play various classical and electronic instruments, songwriting, and composing is what our three levels of music workshops are all about. Students learn the ins and outs of creating music using the industry-standard Logic Pro software suite.

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Level I

At this stage, students receive a foundation in different musical genres, instruments and singing techniques while learning skills like layering sounds and tracks. To edit their tracks, workshop participants learn how to use Logic Pro X software, which they continue using as they climb the workshop levels. Teens create rhythms and beats with a MIDI keyboard and, by the end of the level, produce their very own one-minute-long track.

Level II

In level two, students advance their knowledge of music creation and production. They work on their own tracks and use their newfound knowledge of notes and scales to do so. They then take on the role of sound engineers where they get their tracks sounding as clean and professional as possible in order to be ready for release. 

Level III

Students play the dual roles of composer and producer. It’s a full plunge into music theory, where students learn to compose melodies and harmonies with scales and chords. Each student creates their own tracks, working with specific styles of the rhythm of their choosing, before moving on to mixing and balancing.

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