Illustrate and Animate

Once different sets of skills and teamwork come together magic happens; it’s the collaborative effort that brings animation to life.

Illustrator and art director Elda Broglio and motion graphics designer Josephine Preumayr joined forces and led learning labs during which TUMOians explored the newest methods and techniques of animation.

With Josephina, they learned about motion graphics from a different perspective, explored what it’s like to work in a team with an illustrator, and created infinite loop animations using their teammates’ illustrations and images.

Aleksandr Ordukhanyan, 19
Anna Kharatyan, 17
Elina Hakobyan, 14
Erik Hovhannisyan, 13
Maria Harutyunyan, 13

Mihran Mets-Gevorgyan, 13
Nare Astoyan, 13
Nare Muradyan, 16
Narine Karapetyan, 14
Sergey Kizogyan, 19

Shushan Kaloyan, 14
Sofia Shatvoryan, 14
Suren Ordyan, 18
Tatevik Azizyan, 15
Vardan Shahbazyan, 14

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