Whether students are interested in creating fictional or documentary, art-house or blockbuster, short or feature-length, this workshop is where to get started. By the end of the third level, students conceive, produce, film and edit their own short film. Filmmaking workshops give students insight and hands-on experience with the foundations of filmmaking: planning, shooting, and editing. In short, telling a visual story.

filmmaking - Filmmaking

Level I

This workshop is an introduction to the overall concept of filmmaking and begins with a deep dive into non-linear editing. Students learn to work with various footage and analyze it to understand the best editing approach. All the while they uncover the elements and techniques involved in the world of film production.

Level II

Working as a group, students further develop the skills learned in Level I. The workshop highlights the importance of rhythm and tempo in film with groups directing short scenes with dialogue, utilizing various camera angles and advanced editing techniques.

Level III

In this workshop, students come together to form a production team. Learning the ins and outs of film production, they choose their own story, scout their own locations and cast their actors before taking on the role of a film crew. Each student rotates through the various roles, getting hands-on experience as a sound designer, editor, cinematographer, actor and director. By the end of the workshop, they have a fully-produced 1-minute short film ready for screening.

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