Exploring Neural Circuitry

Exploring Neural Circuitry

new labs erkar 26 - Exploring Neural Circuitry

A graduate of neuroscience studies, Arianna Mesrobian is beginning an online lab that will give you the opportunity to look deep into the structures of your brain that make information processing within your body possible.

During the lab, you’ll figure out what goes on in your neural circuits when a sensation turns into a motor function. You’ll even have a chance to create your own circuits using household objects.

To apply, please send a few sentences describing what you think happens in the brain and the body when you hear a noise and turn your head towards the sound.

The learning lab will take place online from May 6th to May 21st, 6:00 – 8:00 pm:
Week 1: Wednesday, May 6th and Friday, May 8th
Week 2: Monday, May 11th and Thursday, May 14th
Week 3: Monday, May 18th and Thursday, May 21st

You will need a computer and internet to participate in the lab.

Registration is closed