Cryptocurrencies and Payment with Hovhannes Kuloghlyan

Teens at TUMO implemented Interledger Protocol and other technologies that will revolutionize the future of online payments in this project led by tech entrepreneur Hovhnnes Kuloghlyan.

​​Aram Simonyan – 18
Armen Paronikyan​ – 17
Hovhannes Petrosyan – 22

Sergey Antonyan – 15
​Khachik Gasparyan – 18
Martin Hovhannisyan – 18

Tsovak Harutyunyan – 15
Vahagn Zaqaryan – 16

kulo 300x300 - Cryptocurrencies and Payment with Hovhannes Kuloghlyan

Hovhannes Kuloghlyan

Hovhannes is a tech entrepreneur who holds a Ph.D. in Physics and now runs Hex Division, a software development company he co-founded that provides software solutions for startups and established companies internationally. His experience includes technical leadership and development of cryptocurrency software.

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