Teens at TUMO implemented Interledger Protocol and other technologies that will revolutionize the future of online payments in this project led by tech entrepreneur Hovhnnes Kuloghlyan.

​​Aram Simonyan – 18
Armen Paronikyan​ – 17
Hovhannes Petrosyan – 22

Sergey Antonyan – 15
​Khachik Gasparyan – 18
Martin Hovhannisyan – 18

Tsovak Harutyunyan – 15
Vahagn Zaqaryan – 16

Hovhannes Kuloghlyan

Hovhannes is a tech entrepreneur who holds a Ph.D. in Physics and now runs Hex Division, a software development company he co-founded that provides software solutions for startups and established companies internationally. His experience includes technical leadership and development of cryptocurrency software.

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