Creative Writing with Columbia University

TUMOians learned about creative writing and wrote short fiction stories in a learning lab with Columbia University alumna Rachel Keranen.

Aleksandr Chobanyan, 18

Elen Asatryan, 18
Nare Voskanyan, 18

Aleksandra Hunanyan, 16

aleksandr chobanyan - Creative Writing with Columbia University

Aleksandr Chobanyan – 18

TUMO Yerevan


Fairly recently, I have read Joan Didion’s fantastic essay “Goodbye to  all that” where she detailed her arrival and stay in New York city. What  surprised me the most about Didion’s work was the amount of details she  remembered from her time in NY despite the fact that those days were  long gone at the time of writing. And that brought me back to a thought I  have quite often “I don’t really have vivid memories.” Sure, I do have some  snippets here and there, but most of them involve simple facts (at least I  think so) of what happened, rather than my thoughts and feelings…

elen asatryan - Creative Writing with Columbia University

Elen Asatryan – 18

TUMO Yerevan

The Talking Silence

It was You,
it was me,
in the enchanting night,
under the stars, dreams,
under the moonlight,
under the silence,
You were more than just a heartbeat in a world
that forgets to love,
You were a drawer
who drew memories in my mind,
You painted my heart with different colors…

nare voskanyan - Creative Writing with Columbia University

Nare Voskanyan – 18

TUMO Yerevan


Something unexpected happened a month ago. We understand the worth  of something most when we lose it, but we didn’t expect that one day we  will miss meetings, parties, even the opportunity to share a cup of coffee  with your work partner. It changed everything in our life and it won’t be the  same in the near future…

aleksandra hunanyan - Creative Writing with Columbia University

Aleksandra Hunanyan – 16

TUMO Yerevan


It was an ordinary June day, we went to the pool as usual and dropped Grandma off at the store. She needed milk. I didn’t have any idea that something could ever go wrong.

When we got to the pool, I didn’t feel that something might be off, or that this day was different from the others in any way. We took the towels, we hung out by the pool, I had club sandwiches and everything felt simple and cheerful..

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