Cracking Code with Narek Galstyan

Beginning with Caesar’s Cypher thousands of years ago, to sending a secure e-mail today, students in TUMO alumnus and Princeton University student Narek Galstyan’s cybersecurity lab are learning about cryptography through the ages and how to encrypt and decrypt their own code.


Aleksandr Babayan – 14
Aram Khachatryan 15
Davit Movsisyan – 15
Davit Sahakyan – 13
Eduard Baghdagulyan – 15

Hakob Hakobyan – 15
Hayk Hayrapetyan – 16
Lilit Babayan – 16
Mane Arzumanyan – 16
Maria Miskaryan – 15
Natalya Grigoryan – 17

Nazeli Ter-Petrosyan – 13
Raffi Poghosyan – 16
Vahe Petrosyan – 15
Varujan Margaryan – 16
Yulia Arzumanyan – 16

TUMO student David Movsisyan participated in Narek’s learning lab. After deciphering the substitution cipher in the lab, he built a website for others to do the same.

TUMOian Nazeli Ter-Petrosyan also participated in Narek’s lab. She uses David’s website to explain how to decode Caesar’s Cypher.

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