Commercial for TUMO Studios

Two filmmaking learning labs joined forces to create a commercial for TUMO Studios! Students in Maksym Getman and Kirill San’s lab focused on all things film production, from researching the role of light and sound to working with cameras to bring their vision to life.

After the commercial was filmed, Marina Tkachenko’s lab stepped in to color grade and edit footage to create a final product that reflected the TUMO Studios design style, aesthetic, and production process.

The result of the two synchronized labs will be used as an advertisement for TUMO Studios.

Anahit Tataryan 17
Artyom Petrosyan 19
Davit Ghazaryan 20
Davit Gyurjyan 16
Davit Virabyan 21
Gevorg Vardanyan 18
Gohar Grigoryan 19



Hovhannes Baghramyan 13
Lia Karapetyan 20
Liana Hayrapetyan 15
Lilit Vardanyan 14
Mari Grigoryan 18
Meri Mamikonyan 15
Milena Mirimanyan 17



Nane Danielyan 15
Nare Khachatryan 16
Sargis Grigoryan 16
Tamara Piramyan 13
Vahe Grigoryan 15
Viktorya Hakobyan 14
Violeta Sargsyan 16


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