Animations with Python

In Croatian architect Luka Piškorec’s lab, TUMOians experimented with the Python and Processing programming languages and code, creating 2D and 3D animations full of patterns.

Gor Gevorgyan, 17, TUMO Gyumri
Arno Barzegar Nazari, 15, TUMO Yerevan
Gevorg Asatryan, 14, TUMO Yerevan


Gor Margaryan, 15, TUMO Yerevan
Khachatur Tadevosyan, 17, TUMO Yerevan

Mery Grigoryan, 18, TUMO Yerevan
Nazeli Ter-Petrosyan, 16, TUMO Yerevan
Samvel Papyan, 18, TUMO Yerevan


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