Animation is all about creating characters and bringing them to life. By learning the principles of animation, students also explore the mechanics of how we move, talk, and act in different situations. After passing three levels of the animation workshop, students have a strong enough base to continue animating and improving their skills independently. They can put all of this knowledge to use in 3D animation, stop motion animation and more.

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Level I

It’s here that students first become familiar with the history and various types of 2D animation, along with the principles of animation used by every working animator today. This includes screening examples in anticipation of what teens will soon be creating. In this level, students get to know the industry standard Toon Boom program and eventually create movement with a character of their own design.

Level II

It’s during Level II that TUMOians discover and learn to utilize additional principles of animation. The student becomes an animator and learns to communicate his or her character’s thoughts through their walking style.

Level III

This level is all about developing skills as both an animator and a director. Using what they’ve learned about the animation process and its principles, students create 10-second animated shorts. Each student develops their own storyboard, plans their short’s individual shots and decides on the overall style of the animation.

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