Animation with Arnab Chaudhuri and Sound Design with Eric Hachikian

TUMO Yerevan students had the unique opportunity to work with all-star talents to produce their own 2D animated films and create sound design for them. With the help of Disney animated film director Arnab Chaudhuri, students learned traditional animation techniques using pencil and paper. Over the course of a few weeks, they drew storyboards for their ideas and developed them into classical, frame-by-frame, hand-drawn animations using their own characters. In a parallel lab, another group of students led by Eric Hachikian developed, composed, recorded and finalized the sound design for these animations.

Animation Team

Arman Avdalyan – 20
Arpi Petrosyan – 21
Davit Tarverdyan – 16
Erik Asriyan – 18
Hrachya Grigoryan – 16
Inna Asatryan – 15
Lia Vardanyan – 15
Lilit Vardanyan – 15
Lina Karapetyan – 18
Mariam Babayan – 15
Nane Sargsyan – 17
Nune Khachatryan – 23
Tigran Hovhannisyan – 14
Tigran Mkrtichyan – 20
Zaruhi Shamiryan – 19

Sound Design Team

Ani Poghosyan – 15
Anushik Martirosyan – 16
Arman Shekyan – 17
Armen Babayan – 19
Artur Gharibyan – 19
Diana Vardanyan – 18
Karine Aslanyan – 17
Maria Harutyunyan – 14
Mariam Khondkaryan – 17
Meri Asatryan – 14
Narek Babayan – 14
Stepan Zhamkochyan – 15
Svetlana Gevorgyan – 14
Tade Panusyan – 14
arnab pic 300x300 - Animation with Arnab Chaudhuri and Sound Design with Eric Hachikian

Arnab Chaudhuri

Arnab Chaudhuri is an animator and director. He is best known for directing the Walt Disney Pictures co-produced 2012 Indian animated action film Arjun: The Warrior Prince. Arnab is the director of content and creative at Disney India, where he oversees the network’s strategy.
EricVHachikianMarcoPoloNewYorkSeriesyCMrGCja fel 300x300 - Animation with Arnab Chaudhuri and Sound Design with Eric Hachikian

Eric Hachikian

Eric Hachikian is an Armenian-American composer whose work can be heard on such films and TV shows as The Wrestler, The Mindy Project, and Entourage. His compositions have been hailed as “lovely and original” by the New York Times. Eric, who is the co-founder and creative director of Soundcat Productions, also composes music for international ad campaigns by Apple, Google, Facebook, BMW, Snickers, and more.

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