AI Meets Ancient Armenian Manuscripts

In the second lab led by software engineers and founders of Calfa Chahan Vidal and Baptiste Queuche, Yerevan TUMOians digitized Armenian newspapers and manuscripts using AI and developed tools to recognize everything from faces in ancient texts to moving cars on the street. During the lab, students visited the Fundamental Scientific Library of Armenia to learn about various manuscript preservation techniques.

Anahit Baghramyan, 17
Andranik Grigoryan, 17
Anri Khachaturov, 16
Arayik Tshagharyan, 16
Arevik Khachatryan, 18
Arto Khachatryan, 15

Azat Harutyunyan, 19
David Manukyan, 14
Emil Manukyan, 16
Gevorg Asatryan, 15
Hakob Harutyunyan, 16
Hayk Margaryan, 17
Noy Hakobyan, 16
Sergey Mkrtchyan, 14
Svetlana Ghazaryan, 17
Yeghishe Harutyunyan, 16
Zhenya Karapetyan, 18

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