3D Snake Game

In Mary Khachatryan’s game development learning lab, TUMOians reinvented the 70s video game Snake in a modern way. Students created a contemporary, extended and a more developed version of the game, and experimented with the tools and skills they were given. Students used Unity and Bishop engines to come up with simple and direct settings to various design options.

Anahit Aleksanyan, 14
Arman Aslanyan, 15
Armen Aleqsanyan, 16
Artur Movsisyan, 15
Artyom Nalbandyan, 15


Gagik Melkonyan, 13
Gor Nikoghosyan, 14
Gor Shahinyan, 16
Gor Stepanyan, 14
Hovhannes Baghramyan, 14
Karen Hunanyan, 14
Levon Soghomonyan, 17
Svetlana Babayan, 16
Vardan Avetisyan, 14

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