At any given time, TUMO students have access to a wide range of workshops that cover four main focus areas and various complementary technical, artistic and professional skills. These permanent and regularly scheduled workshops are led by TUMO’s staff of workshop leaders, made up of local and international artists and professionals with backgrounds in TUMO’s four focus areas, complementary skills and beyond.
These workshop leaders cycle through all four of TUMO’s centers in Yerevan, Dilijan, Gyumri and Stepanakert, so any student in any center has the opportunity to experience the same workshop, with the same curriculum and workshop leader.
The workshops they lead range in levels, from beginner to advanced and culminate with an intensive project that allows the students to put the knowledge and skills they’ve learned to use in a practical and creative way. The results of these highly challenging team efforts have been used to compete in festivals and submitted for publication in online forums. Each final project is added to the students’ individual portfolios. With every workshop and accompanying final project completed, the student accrues another example of the skills they have learned which they can then use to advance their career goals.